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The single bit has a direct action on the mouth, slightly lifting. This bit is suitable for many horses whose mouths are to be spared: young horses, training. The 2 ring double snaffle bit bends at the two breaks on the barrel. This bit is more relaxing than a single snaffle. Moreover, it is interesting to use it for horses with a small mouth because it avoids the effect of a point in the palate. Finally, the precision is increased by using a bit of this type since the two sides are more dissociated than with a bit with a straight barrel or simple curl. On the other hand, since there is a double curl, the bit bends backwards much more easily. Finally, the straight 2 ring bit has no curl in the middle. These bits are very stable in the mouth but do not favor relaxation in the mouth. Moreover, the horse will tend to lean on the bit. This bit is softer than a snaffle bit because it does not touch the palate and only rests on the tongue. The disadvantage is that it is not very precise and takes up a lot of space in the mouth.