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the horse has no bit in its mouth. This does not mean that there is no pressure point. The hackamore consists of a noseband, a curb chain and two more or less long branches. The pressure is applied as soon as the reins are pulled, the noseband presses on the nasal cavity by leverage. The effect of the hackamore will depend on the nature of the top of the noseband: rubber, soft leather or hard leather. This bit allows the horse's mouth to be left untouched when the horse has a hard mouth or temporarily when a horse has sore teeth, gums or bars. In addition, this bit allows riders to graze horses without the horse being bothered by the bit. However, it is difficult to make support reins with this type of bit. Moreover, it is important to know how to place the hackamore. Indeed, a noseband placed too low will interfere with the horse's breathing. This bit is forbidden in dressage.