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The surfaix will be used if you want to use a reining or when breaking in a foal, to get it used to having something on its back and to be gored. Attaching the lead rope to the surfaix (by passing it through the ring of the bit) also helps to promote a good bend The surfaix is placed on a padd or, simply, on a saddle pad to avoid hurting your horse. Training : Educational elastics or pirellis: very soft, they indicate to the horse the right position to adapt. They are easy to adjust and have the added advantage of being inexpensive. The fixed gogue: thanks to its pulley system and its pressure on the nape of the neck, it will help the horse to get into a good attitude (at least, at the level of the head-neck angle). The pessoa: this training is more complete but also more constraining than the previous ones. It must be carefully adjusted to avoid being more harmful than anything else and should only be used by expert hands on horses that are already well muscled.